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Locker Agreement Stamp Duty

No, you shouldn`t tell the bank what you`re holding in your locker. Why the question? The lockers are forced in the presence of the administrator and one or two respectable outsiders and an inventory of items in the lockers are duly prepared by the persons to whom the lockers are broken. I want to know what all amenities like a ladder, counters to keep small items, writing counter, etc. and other facilities that are mandatory in a bank locker room and where I can find these details. Bank standards also differ with respect to the handing over of lockers. For example, while HDFC bank does not pay the rent if you drop it halfway, ING Vysya Bank has rules for proportional repayments when you remittance. If you deducted the rent for the whole month, I doubt you would have the rent for the remaining period a savings account at the bank where you want to open a locker Yes it`s safe to keep jewelry in the locker, but the bank is not responsible. I do not think the bank has a double key from a customer. Because if the customer loses his key, he has to break the locker (and charge the customer) Sir somewhere, we have to trust them.

It is best to open the locker at least once a year. Do you have a bank account in the same branch? Are your contact information updated? Do you get regular updates from them? Can you ask someone to talk? Which SBI branch in Bangalore? I will try to dig the contact number and the email ID. So, as Shivani told me, you don`t need to be a hot VIP customer from the bank to have a locker – you just have to have an account and be able to pay the annual rent from the locker. Go to any branch of a public or private bank (whether SBI, ICICI or HDFC) where they have lockers and you will know the terms and conditions. But let us spare you the trip and tell you here. One of the safest ways to store valuables such as jewellery, important documents and other valuables are safes or bank vaults. These valuables may be stolen from residential or office spaces. That`s why we open a locker and put valuables. We have the joint account and bank set at IDBI Bank, we would like to hand the locker to the bank.

IDBI Bank asked us for physical presence when handing over From the Bank Is it mandatory under the banking law/rules? I stay in the United States and I can`t travel to Mumbai, India, my wife stays in Mumbai, India. I`m going to sign the necessary documents – send to the bank, will it work? Please share your views/comments/advice with me. My mother has a record in the bank now that it is out of date I can exploit it as my name only mentioned in the form of the bond Will be similar, if you take a locker, your goods in the locker are essentially in possession of the bank, but you keep their property.

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