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It Is Important To Collect Interobserver Agreement On The Independent Variable To

Four participants, employed in a hospital and partly hospital and partly hospital specialized for the multidisciplinary treatment of children with mental and developmental disabilities, participated in this study. Participants were responsible for data collection and implementation of behavioural treatment plans. Three of the participants had a bachelor`s degree in psychology or a related specialty and one participant had a master`s degree in consulting. All participants agreed to participate in the study and assured that their work would not be evaluated on the basis of their participation in this study. Participants received a 60-minute didactic presentation on data collection practices as part of initial psychiatric training. Frequency-based data collection modeling, hands-on video exchange between Confederates and instant feedback during the didactic presentation. In summary, each participant showed that a different level of intervention was needed to improve the IOA. One participant responded well to basic data collection procedures. A second participant`s IOA improved to a sufficient level after a click was used to record the data during each 15-minute interval. In addition to the clicker, one participant benefited from simplified observations.

The last participant received an intervention package containing a clicker, simplified observations and a signal at the time of data recording. Not surprisingly, there was different support that was needed to improve data collection practices for these four randomly selected participants. Given that direct care staff have a variable level of qualification or an interest in the data collection process, we expected this to be the case. We found that the monitor can become a conditioned aversive stimulus when correctional is very common in terms of positive reactions. This means that data collectors and processing implementers may begin to escape or avoid monitoring sessions. However, if the monitor frequently indicates the correct recording of the data and the implementation of the procedure, the sessions should be favourable to the primary data collector/procedureer. It may be important to plan observations at times when behaviour is most likely, in order to provide more opportunities for comparison and return. For example, if the target behavior is maintained by the evasion of instructions, observation should be scheduled for teaching sessions. Strategic observation planning can be particularly important for low-rate behaviour, in order to increase compliance opportunities.

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