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In Agreement Or In Agreeance

An agreement is an agreement, a compromise, to get two parties to find common ground. For things to agree, they are harmonious or do not contradict each other. If you agree with me, I will make these changes. This is a very effective contribution and I fully agree with it. “There was no agreement between theory and measure” State of approval; Harmony of opinion, testimony, action or character; compliance; Concorde; compliance; Because there is a good agreement between the members of the Council. “Correspondence between experimental observations and theory” noun, now rare. the act or state of consent; It is an agreement. (obsolete) a State in which two parties share a point of view or opinion; It is an agreement. “If we agree, let`s sign the agreement.” I admit that I am a bit anal-retentiv when it comes to grammar. I often check words or punctuations that I doubt. I never questioned the word “consent” or had any reason to question it until my iPhone insisted it wasn`t a word. As tenacious as it may seem, my first thought was “What??? You stayed behind.. Then I Googled it.

To anticipate another objection, yes, I celebrate the flexibility, adaptability and inventiveness of the English language, but it`s one thing to invent a new useful word to meet a need. But I`m so scary when English words invent because they don`t know or haven`t forgotten a perfectly good standard word. There is nothing wrong with reaching an agreement. This is not archaism, although there is probably a consensus. In most cases, the use of concordance is only linguistic antinomianism. It is irritating. Here`s my point, if you use “agreeance” in a dialect where it`s not in standard usage, like my dialect, then me and other people old enough to remember all of this, you`ll associate with Fred Durst. (Unless you use it ironically in terms of thirst, etc.) Using Agreeance for Agreement is probably the linguistic equivalent of using a half-moon key instead of a combined key or key. You can do it, but it always leaves a bit of damage.

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