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Equine Adoption Agreement Template

Anyone can lie about an application or a contract, but the truth comes out naturally if you work side by side with them and a horse. If at any time during the matchmaking process, employees or adoption have reservations about the lawsuit, the process is stopped. Find out how an agency manages to cultivate horse enthusiasts in its community to become quality users – and how to do the same. ASPCApro: If you had to choose one question that serves as a better filter to help you get a good match, what would it be? In the first part of this series of interviews, you can see Garret Leonard, director of the Harmony Equine Center in Franktown, CO, and his team looking at users with a conversation-based process and a simple contract. ASPCApro: What does your written contract contribute to the process? Learn more about ASPCA`s inclusion of the Right Horse Initiative in our list of life-saving programs. . Read the second part, More tips for creating effective adoption contracts for horses, a Q&A with MidAtlantic Horse Rescue. Learn how an innovative stable leasing program offers new adopters a place to ride their horses and preserve the sense of community they`ve built with like-minded horse lovers. Garrett Leonard: We think we can learn more about a potential adoption by talking to him than by reading what he writes in an app.

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