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Dog Rescue Foster Agreement

Maxx &Me reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time. Our main concern is that every adoptive dog is/is treated as a member of your family and offers the same love and care that you offer to your own pets. 27. If, during the care period, I believe that the dog/dogs are not suitable for any reason, I will contact the Care Coordinator to arrange a favourable time for both parties to return to SCAR. 6. I agree to keep my foster dog`s environment clean and hygienic at all times. 5. I agree to keep my adoptive dogs on a leash when they are outside my property. Under no circumstances will I let my adopted dog/ adoptive dogs get off the leash in an exceptional dog park.

18. I understand that SCAR cannot be held responsible for any injury and/or property damage caused to my home, person, property and the home or property of any person as a result of my activity as a caregiver. 4. When I receive the dog(s), I agree to accept them in their current state, health or behavior. I understand that due to the nature of an animal shelter, they may have been exposed to illness before the shed or during scar, and therefore perhaps incubate something that is not yet obvious. If I have any doubts about the health or behavior of my adoptive dog, I will immediately contact my SCAR Foster Care coordinator. 22. I agree that in the unlikely event that my adopted dog escapes and is reported missing, it is my responsibility to do everything possible to find the dog, and I am immediately required to contact scar`s care coordinator as soon as I realize that the animal has disappeared. 23. I understand that if the care coordinator receives a request regarding the dog/dogs in my care, I am contacted and should contact the potential adopter immediately, even if it can only be via SMS if I am at work…

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