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Agreement On Provision Of Services

While the contract with a large supplier is probably not negotiable, it is likely that a contract with a small to medium-sized enterprise is negotiable. The following list contains the main provisions that you should pay attention to when concluding a service contract, including: payment, amount of benefits, modification, termination, liability insurance, confidentiality, intellectual property and choice of law / dispute resolution. In the event of a dispute, this provision describes in detail how the dispute is settled and the applicable law. As a general rule, the parties keep it close to home (i.e. in the supplier`s state). This creates an advantage for businesses with local service providers! Some of the most common methods of dispute resolution include: arbitration, mediation and the use of common law courts. The part of the contract, which deals with the scope of services, contains a detailed description of the services to be provided to you. . . .

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