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Trec Unimproved Property Listing Agreement

An owner who has just terminated her list with another real estate agent asked me to sell her property. The parties terminated their list with the termination agreement (TAR 1410) and the owner agreed to pay a fee to her former broker if she sells the property within the next two months to a designated party. Can I still receive a commission if it sells to that party within that time? 6. MLS-Statustipp: Active Contingent (CON) means that the seller has accepted an offer, but has made the property available for demonstrations and the seller maintains backup offers. This status can be used in any situation and is not related to a particular contingency in the contract. Ask the listing agent before showing it. 45. All list agreements executed, leases and sales contracts, including terminated contracts, must be maintained by the broker for 4 years according to TREC. This does not apply to buyer representation agreements. 40. There are 11 legal exceptions to the seller`s obligation to conclude disclosure of the buyer`s property condition by a seller. They do NOT contain, “never lived in the house”, as some investors will tell you!! You know what the exceptions are! 17. The buyer must give the seller a specified period of time for the presentation of the repair parts at least 5 days before the end of the procedure, in order to avoid any delays.

If the buyer has the property re-examined before closing, this should also be planned a few days before closing. Any change to the final documents requires at least 3 days of delay. You can complete the Addendum Named Exclusions to Listing (TAR 1402) and add it to your list agreement to clarify your rights and rights and obligations of the owner if the owner is sold to that party during the specified period. 3. MLS STAT TIP: There are three (3) flags that appear on an active listing (ACT) and stay there for 5 days: “-” means there is a price change; “B” indicates that the listing is “Back on the Market”; “N” gives a new list. 9. Mls-Statustipp: Active Option Contract (OPT) means that the seller has accepted an offer and the buyer exercises the right of unrestricted termination in paragraph 23 of the contract. Accommodation is available for demonstrations and backup offers.

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