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Simplified Listing Agreement For Debt Securities

The market supervisory authority Securties and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) today introduced an amendment to simplify the stock market bond listing agreement. The amended rating agreement applies with immediate effect. v. information relating to bonds issued and quoted, including face value, type of bond issue, i.e. public offering or private placement. a. Statutory statutes and conventions and resolutions necessary for the awarding of debt securities; capital ratio before and after the bond is issued. P. The names of all recognized exchanges on which the bonds are to appear clearly indicate the designated exchange. In order to protect the interest of investors who invest in public bond issues, the issuer must deposit 1% of the amount of bonds offered to the public for the purpose of underwriting.

(l) The names of the bond agent are indicated in the statement that the agent gave the issuer his consent to his appointment in accordance with Rule 4, paragraph 4, and in all subsequent periodic communications that are forwarded to the bondholders. E. A obligation that, until the repayment of the bonds, the issuer would provide the fiduciary with the information covered in Point D, as part of the simplified list agreement no SEBI/IMD/BOND/1/11/05 of May 11, 2009, modified from time to time, for the equipment and publication of its half-yearly results. In addition, within 180 days of the end of the fiscal year, the issuer will provide the agent with a copy of the latest annual report and the agent is required to share the details provided under this clause within two business days of its specific application with all “qualified institutional buyers” (QIBs) and other existing bondholders. 1. With regard to the listing of bonds issued in the private placement, the following information must be provided: 2. At the time of the bond auction, the issuer provides the bondholder with the following information in electronic form (Softcopy): 1. The obligation to execute a listing contract with the stock exchange is defined according to various provisions relating to the first issue of the capital, the following details of which are the following.

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