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Service Bond Agreement In Railway

(c) to ensure that the obligation to obtain a new loan from a person: if necessary, the company with which the worker has executed the initial loan may, at the time of submitting his application to the organization, etc., write that the worker intends to make another date to assess the individual`s obligation to commit and specify that, if he is selected for the new position, his dismissal is conditional on the new organization pre-referting to a new loan that binds him for the remainder of the initial commitment period; if it does not serve the new division/organization, etc., or if it leaves before the expiry of the initial borrowing period for a job that cannot be exempted from the borrowing obligation, the pro-rata loan money should be realized by the person and repaid to the first organization with which he originally executed the loan. Please let me know, because I also want to leave the railway to join the DMRC. Please help me and give me a proposal for the same as I took out a 5 year loan according to the requirements. I`m SR. Ticket Examiner in the Bombay division. I was appointed as part of the sports quota and I am a current player. The railway authorities have indicated that they will only transfer the loan to RBI-SBI. No other bank (PSB) fell under the category mentioned in the above rule. my service will be numbered 10 months and will be added to a new job, since I am still an apprentice and not a permanent employee? I joined indianrailways as a JE (TRS) application in the Sep2013. Now I have been chosen as a senior section engineer at Bangalore Metro, a public sector company with a base salary of 16,200/- . The Bangalore metro is a feed, so they don`t have gradepay.they follow IDA scales.if i want to join BMRC should i pay back the stipend to railways.kindly inform me. Please tell me the correspondence number of the railway board, which says that when an apprentice goes from train to rail, there is no training fee or the need to re-borrow. I`ve finished my 13 years of railroad work.

Now I want to give a technical resignation. and join the food supply. I can for this kind of establishment like pension, passport, medical establishment, deserving vacation deposit, tip. what is the notice period for technical resignation. I applied in December 2015 for the position of graduate of NTPC (railway) 1.

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