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Kurd Syria Agreement

Kurdish sources said the deal with the Syrian government would see the Syrian army deployed along the border with Turkey to deter a wider Turkish invasion. According to officials of the autonomous administration, institutions such as municipalities, educational institutions and the police, which the Kurds have set up since 2012, will continue to work for the time being, but they will be integrated in the long term into the structures of the Syrian state. I think for the United States, it was a very pure fictitious marriage. I mean, after meeting Mazlum, I went to interview American soldiers who knew him and worked with them. And most of those who were there said, oh, yes, we know exactly who those boys were. And so I think the U.S. government knew about it at the time of the K.K.P., but it`s not a band that has much resonance in the United States. They never attacked American interests. They have never been active or significantly active in the United States. That is why I think that for American politicians who were also in a state of emergency and were trying to understand what we were doing against the Islamic State, that was the best way to do that.

And that`s it. I mean, it worked. But there has never been an agreement on what happens after the disappearance of the Islamic State, what is happening in this region, which is in control. It was a question that hung over American politics: Is it ok, what`s next? On 4 April, pro-government NDF forces fired on an Asaian police vehicle, killing an officer in Asayish. [121] On 21 April, further clashes broke out in the Al-Qamishli district between the pro-government national defence power and the paramilitary forces of Asayish, near Rojava, which led to a Russian intervention to end hostilities. The Syrian Communist Party welcomed the agreement [122] The Russian-Turkish agreement reached in the Black Sea city of Sochi supports the return of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad`s troops to the border alongside Russian troops and replaces the Americans who had patrolled the region for years with their former Kurdish allies. For the first time in years, the Sochi agreement allows Assad`s troops to return to parts of the northern border with Turkey. “In accordance with the (Erdogan-Putin) agreement, the SDF is moving to new azenweg azenweg positions on the Turkish-Syrian border via northeastern Syria to stop the bloodshed and protect the people of the region from Turkish attacks,” the SDF said in a statement. As part of the Erdogan-Putin agreement reached in the Russian Black Sea city of Sochi, Turkish and Russian forces will patrol a section of the Turkey-Syria border at a depth of 10 kilometres in Syria from Tuesday. The finer details of the agreement have yet to be worked out, but a certain degree of Kurdish autonomy is expected to be maintained within the post-conflict political agreement. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the basic demands of the Kurds for broad autonomy within a decentralized federal state in Syria and the preservation of the SDF as an independent military force are unlikely to be met.

But the Kurds will feel a sense of success if their agreement with Syria prevents a wider Turkish invasion and the expulsion of the Kurdish population. ARRAF: Well, it`s basically that they need protection, and that`s the protection they lost when the U.S. withdrew from the border areas that allowed Turkish troops to invade the country in October. I spoke to a spokesman for the Syrian-Kurdish forces, and he said they had lost 4000 square km. And basically, they don`t have many good options here. They will probably have to sit down and negotiate with the Syrian regime from which they have parted, which also means reaching an agreement with Russia`s allies in Syria. The agreement follows a U.S.-brokered ceasefire that expired Tuesday, underscoring the dramatic changes that have taken place in Syria from the United States.

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