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Annex Lease Agreement

The parties agree that the purchase price will be distributed between the business rental units and the business wells, in accordance with the leasing schedule (for lease and business units) and the well annex (for business wells). Development specifications in agreed formAnhang A Agreed Form of Appendix B. This Appendix B applies only to the acquisition or financing, leasing and maintenance of vehicles financed by the lessor in accordance with the contract, as supplemented by this lease schedule (together the “financial leasing”). For the purposes of the seller`s special guarantee on the defending security, the value of the leases described in the lease schedule and the lease ratios shown in the wells list is considered the value awarded. ATTEST: [ASSIGNOR] OF: TITLE: DATE: ATTEST: [ASSIGNEE] BY: TITLE: DATE: [Approval of the airport renter By: Name: Date: Date: ] Exhibitions to add: Appendix 1 Description of the assigned piece Appendix 2 Copy of the lease Appendix 3 Application for authorization Copyright O-5 Copyright © 2018 www.secdatabase.com.

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